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1. How to register in EX4U ?

It`s very simple, Just click on SIGNUP then fill up form and follow instruction.
To active your account click on activation link sent you by mail. you will find mail on Inbox or Spam or Junk folder.

2. Where to send money ?

After place order you will receive a mail with order information (check your Inbox or Spam or Junk Folder) then send money as per order form instruction.

3. How to buy/deposit e-Currency ?

Please read this instruction, Click>>

4. How to sell/withdrawal e-Currency ?

Please read this instruction, Click>>

5. How to exchange e-Currency ?

Please read this instruction, Click>>

6. How to apply card ?

This option temporally unavailable.

7. How to withdrawal/load to card ?

This option temporally unavailable.

8. What kind of information need to confirm order ?

We just need your MTCN or Money Transfer Reference or Batch No. or Bank Wire Information.

9. When will you deliver/finish my order?

Please read deliver page Click >>

10. How long will take time to arrive money to EX4U receiver account ?

If you sent by Western Union or Money Gram it will arrive almost Instantly, it may need 1-24 banking hours to collect/cash. If you send by Bank Wire it may take 2-4 working days to available in our account.

11. Can I cancel an order?

You can cancel your order unless it has already been executed. Executed orders are not reversible (simply because it is impossible to do). After received fund if order cancel for any Problem or Fraud Activity we will deduct our commission/service charge and balance will back you.

12. Order Validity ?

Generally order Validity 3 days. After place order client have to send money within 3 days.

13. Delivery & Payment Validity ?

After received money we generally complete order within 1-3 working days. Sometime client send money and provide wrong Account No. which not possible to complete order. Even sometime they don`t contact with us. In this case we will wait up to 6 month for client reply, if no response within 6 month that fund will be frozen and not claimable for future!! 

Thank You...